The Wagon Wheel family sends a hearty congratulations to Deb Bishop, our Board President, on her recognition as Kosciusko County’s Woman of the Year. Deb received the award on Thursday, January 31st at the Kosciusko County Chamber of Commerce’s annual awards dinner.

“I certainly wasn’t expecting this,” Deb said through her tears of surprise and gratitude, “thank you for supporting the Wagon Wheel, the Community Closet, and for this great honor.”

Deb succeeded John Hand, our founding Board President, and has done a tremendous job restructuring the Wagon Wheel from a privately-owned entity to a non-profit arts organization.

In addition to her work at the Wagon Wheel, Deb also shares music director responsibilities at the First United Methodist Church in Warsaw, helps organize and regularly volunteers at the Community Closet of First United Methodist Church, and teaches piano.

Deb has always been an arts advocate in our community, spending 15 years as the Warsaw Community High School choir accompanist and several years as the President of the Thespian Boosters of Warsaw High too. She is an encouraging leader to the small but mighty staff here at the Wagon Wheel, a generous donor to the organizations she serves, and a champion for the Wagon Wheel’s future growth in our community.

This video showcases some of the amazing things about Deb from Jay Michaels Executive Director of Wagon Wheel, Dana McAfee drama teacher at Warsaw High School, Pastor Brian Smith at First United Methodist Church, and Deb’s husband of 30 years Brad Bishop.