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Support your neighbors and friends as they perform in the Community Theatre’s production of Dearly Beloved!

Hilarity, Texas style! An over-the-top wedding, three feuding sisters and a church full of small town eccentrics. What could possibly go wrong? In this fast-paced, laugh-a-minute comedy, the Futrelle sisters of Fayro, Texas – Frankie, Twink and their estranged sister, Honey Raye – are thrown together to pull off a family wedding. But it is not going well. Frankie’s oldest twin daughter is marrying the son of the queen of what passes for high society in Fayro and Frankie is desperate to make this antebellum-themed wedding an elegant affair. It soon becomes obvious that Fate has other plans. Join us for this delightful comedy!


Geneva Musgrave: Cindy Nash
Raynerd Chisum: Gerald Cox
Tina Jo/Gina Jo Futrelle: Tara Rusinack
Frankie Futrelle Dubberly: Kimberly Morgan
Dub Dubberly: Todd Lucas
Twink Futrelle: Theresa Daggett
Nelda Lou Lightfoot: Julie Kuhn
Justin Waverly: Devin Marcum
John Curtis Buntner: Zach Netzley
Wiley Hicks: Tim Davis
Patsy Price: Lori Widman
Honey Rae Futrelle: Hannah Carter


Director: Emilie Barr
Stage Manager: Jason Dugger
Production Manager and Props: Melissa Jordan
Costumes: Beth Anne Cox
Backstage Crew: Brian Neher, Dan Kuhn, Hillary Nash
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