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Wagon Wheel Community Theatre brings back their very popular and annual audience participation murder mystery! Get your best code-cracking, puzzle-solving, trivia-mastering team together to watch the drama unfold and then uncover who-done-it! This performance makes an excellent team-building experience for offices or businesses or a great social night out for friends.

The performance is broken down into the first act lasting about 45 minutes to 1 hour which is then followed by a 30-45 minute intermission where you have plenty of time to grab a drink and popcorn refill while also solving the mystery of who committed the murder! The performance will end with a 20-minute second act where the killer is revealed and then prizes are handed out to the winners of the murder mystery!

About the Show
It’s the out-of-town tryout for yet another “Phantom.” The producer, Clinton Slade, is attempting to keep peace and mollify the artistic force behind the production, the genius impresario, Marco Virelli. Marco is being his usual temperamental and difficult self. He is imperious with his sister, Theresa, his wife, Alexis, and his boorish brother-in-law, Timmy. Maria, the ingenue, is the only one with whom he has any patience. Producer Slade watches as his show, and his investment, go “down the drain” after one of the principal players is murdered. Among the suspects is another “Phantom” — the one who haunts your location and is seen and heard, in glimpses, throughout the performance.

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