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Life at Riverdale High is hard for our hero Rupert Lydecker.  Most everyone, except the compassionate Claudia, considers him a loser.  But we all know he’s not.  He’s just terribly unsure of himself.  So he takes it upon himself to visit the eerie hilltop asylum of the old and ancient Doctor Murdock Dangerfield.  This creepy place is filled with the doc’s kooky experiments, everything from a two-headed teenager to a malfunctioning robot.  A youth serum, in fact, has left our elderly scientist looking 14 years old!  Hoping to change his personality, Rupert gulps down some icky goop, and we get to witness an amazing transformation:  boy to hairy ’n scary beast!!!  Talk about a confused teenager!  Rupert’s peculiar drink was Werewolf Juice.

Now enveloped in a new and exciting physical setting, our revitalized and confident Rupert hurries to the rockin’ and rollin’ Teen Canteen and punches out the school bully.  He’s soon discovered by Daisy, a musical talent scout, and the fun roars on like a hot rod.

Will Rupert return to being a normal teenager?  (If there is such a thing!)  Will Rupert and Claudia come to realize they were meant for one another?  Will your audience ever stop laughing?!  A feast full of chewed bones and upbeat tunes spark this guaranteed hit:  ’Golly!  Golly!,’ ’Blue Suede Paws,’ ’Teen Happy Moon,’ ’All Messed Up’ and the comically passionate ’Those Eyes, Those Lips, That Face.’ Many small roles require only a minimum of rehearsal time.  This low budget show needs only a few chairs and tables for props.  You’ll froth at the mouth if you miss this howling success.  Ow-Woooooooo!

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