Wagon Wheel
Community Theatre

Community theatre provides adults a place for lifelong learning but also fulfills a deeply rooted human desire we all share – to feel like we belong and have great purpose.

Participants in Wagon Wheel Community Theatre are all volunteers, donating their time and talents to produce theatre that makes us, the community, feel like we belong, are a part of something bigger, and simply makes us feel joy. Wagon Wheel Community Theatre currently produces two plays each year and is also well-loved for its annual audience participation, Murder Mystery production where audience members form teams to uncover “who done it?!” in a fast-paced, fun-filled evening.

The Community Theatre supports the Wagon Wheel’s mission by:

  • Uniting adults from all ages, professions, and experiences through the joint effort of creating together
  • Collaborating with Wagon Wheel Conservatory and other arts organizations to provide more educational and creative aging opportunities for adults in our community
  • Strengthening the economic foundation of our community by fostering a higher quality of place.

For those of us who sit in the audience and watch a Wagon Wheel Community Theatre performance, we watch our friends and neighbors stretch their creativity and talents as they transport us to other worlds and stories. For those who act, direct, organize, and plan a Wagon Wheel Community Theatre show, their experience is that much and more!

Show Archive

Take a peek at one of our past Community Theatre experiences through our playbill archive!

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Community Theatre Auditions

Wagon Wheel Community Theatre is open to adults 18 and older of all experience levels. Volunteers are welcome on stage as well as behind the scenes in directing, costumes, props, stage management, and more!

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Educational Opportunities

Interested in being on stage or learning about the behind-the-scenes work? Wagon Wheel Conservatory offers educational opportunities in the performing arts for adults too!

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