Wagon Wheel

Wagon Wheel Junior produces professional quality theatre by young performers with young audiences in mind.

Wagon Wheel Junior offers performance-based learning experiences for student actors. From the audition, rehearsal, and entire production process, the students cast in a Wagon Wheel Junior show take part in a performance-based learning experience of the same caliber as the Wagon Wheel’s famous Professional Theatre. You will be amazed at what these students learn and produce in just 2 short weeks!

The Wagon Wheel Junior program is truly a family. Each production is made possible by the volunteer efforts of the student actors and their families who are led by the highly skilled and experienced professional Wagon Wheel artistic staff.

Since its inception in 2012, the Wagon Wheel Junior program has become one of our biggest areas of growth and pride as our youth explore, learn, and grow in a professional theatrical atmosphere. Through this rigorous rehearsal and performance experience, students enhance important skills such as creativity, discipline, teamwork, and confidence that apply to areas well beyond the performing arts. Many Wagon Wheel Junior actors have gone on to perform in Wagon Wheel Professional Theatre shows during the summer and holiday seasons too!

Show Archive

Take a peek at one of our past Wagon Wheel Junior experiences through our playbill archive!

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Wagon Wheel Junior Auditions

Wagon Wheel Junior auditions are open to students ages 9 to 18 from across the Northeast Indiana region.

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Educational Opportunities

Interested in sharpening your performance skills or exploring theatre arts for the first time? Wagon Wheel Conservatory offers students in 2nd grade through high school with educational opportunities in the performing arts.

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